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9 famous musicians who climbed Olympus from the bottom

If someone thinks that stories about people who had a difficult childhood, who knew poverty, but managed to turn their lives through 180 degrees and now have almost everything you can dream of, are fictitious. We hasten to assure that this happens in this life. In this review, musicians who have achieved everything themselves, and their completely non-glamorous past, seem like a terrible dream.
1. Justin Bieber

He conquered the world at the beginning of the XXI century with his hits, sold-out world tours and headlines in all magazines. Justin achieved incredible success as a teenager, when almost every teenager in the world was literally obsessed with him. Now Bieber has grown and married and feels quite “ok” with his fortune of $ 265 million. However, most people do not know how poor Justin was at the beginning of his career, when he had to save literally on everything.

2. Celine Dion

This pop diva is known for her sensational hits. Celine has been working in the music industry for so long that everyone forgot how it was not so easy at first: the girl was the youngest of 14 children, and her parents earned very little. In the children’s house, it was not that there were no rooms, Celine did sleep on the bed near the stairs.

It sounds scary, but now Celine has luxury homes around the world, and she can choose any bedroom she wants. Her net worth is $ 800 million.

3. Mariah Carey

This pop singer is one of the most popular musicians in the world. Her songs have been number one on the Billboard charts for many years, and she has released a dozen albums. But before she achieved great success, Mariah was a rebel teenager who moved to Manhattan, where she rented an apartment with other girls.

Money was earned with great difficulty, and Mariah slept on the mattress, and after paying the bills she only had a couple of dollars. Now the singer does not need to worry about anything, because in the bank her account has exceeded 300 million.

4. Jay-Z

Sean Corey Carter, better known as Jay Z, is an American rapper who leads a luxurious lifestyle due to the fact that he achieved great success in various business projects – both in the music industry and outside it. But before becoming a businessman, Sean had a rather “tough” youth. Today, the singer, who “costs” $ 930 million, still continues to write songs about his difficult childhood.

5. Jennifer Lopez

It is unlikely that you can become one of the most famous “divas” in Hollywood, if you do not live a luxurious life. Jay Law grew up in the Bronx and slept in the same bed with her three sisters. Now she has a bunch of luxurious mansions that she could only dream of as a little girl.

But all this was not easy, especially when the girl left home to realize her dream of dancing. Lopez was sleeping on the bed in her dance studio. Now she essentially lives on her dream and “costs” more than $ 400 million.

6. Eminem

Eminem’s childhood was not at all “rosy.” As fans of his music know, Marshall Bruce Mathers III lived in a trailer with his mother before moving to a dilapidated house in the dysfunctional area of ​​Detroit. Eminem also had to move a lot between different houses in Detroit (always in poor neighborhoods), because his mother did not have enough money.

Now Eminem is one of the most popular rappers in the world, and his net worth in 2019 is $ 210 million.

7. Shania Twain

As a child, a country singer had a hard time. Shania grew up in the small Canadian town of Timmins. She often had to go to school hungry, because her mother and stepfather often did not have enough money for groceries and rent. The girl’s usual lunch was a mayonnaise sandwich.

Shania’s musical abilities were first noticed when she performed at a resort near her hometown to pay her bills. Shania is now one of the most popular country singers of all time, and about $ 400 million has accumulated in her bank account.

8. A $ AP Rocky

Today, Rakim Myers or A $ AP Rocky is a famous rapper, but before gaining fame, Rocky lived in poor Negro Harlem (New York). Before moving to his own apartment, the singer had to live in a shelter for the homeless for a while, because his parents could not afford to live independently.

The rapper does not hide his past, because he believes that it was the past that made him what he is today. Now A $ AP Rocky does not need to worry about renting an apartment, because he already has 6 million dollars in his account.

9. Dolly Parton

The famous country singer, in fact, lives her dream – she sings, and this ensured her a huge fortune. As a child, Dolly could not even dream of such a thing, because she grew up in a tiny house with her 11 brothers and sisters. The future singer was raised in a strict pious spirit, but this did not stop her from starting to sing at the age of six.

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