The most vivid novels of the French heartthrob Yves Montand: Edith Piaf, Marilyn Monroe and others
He was not written handsome, but he was damn talented. He was admired by the multimillion audience, he was idolized and the most beautiful women of the world went crazy…

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Yuri Shatunov - 46: Is it true that the star of “Tender May” will no longer sing “White Roses”?
On September 6, the famous singer, former soloist of the band "Tender May" Yuri Shatunov celebrates his 46th birthday. In the mid-1980s he was the idol of millions of Soviet…

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The influence of modern music on teenagers
Always a modern morning. With you, Irina Ivaskiv. Contemporary music is a bottomless theme. You can think about it endlessly. The influence of modern music on a person is not…

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Many organizers of corporate parties, weddings and other celebrations are puzzled by this question. In this article we will analyze everything in order and for you, dear guests, much will be clarified.
First of all, we will talk about a live concert sound, since such a performance is worthy of the closest attention.

Performing live sound is fraught with many difficulties. The first and of course the main problem is the availability of musical equipment necessary for the performance of a live musical group.

As a rule, venues for events do not have or do not provide their equipment, and if they lease it, then not in full. Therefore, for good musical equipment you have to pay a good amount of money.

If you try to save money on distributors and take, for example, sound equipment from Chinese manufacturers, then you risk getting poor quality sound and perhaps musicians will refuse to perform at all, as riders of musical groups often have the apparatus of top foreign manufacturers.

The next moment: this is the presence of a large space on the stage and in the hall for the location of musicians, as well as the presence on the site of a capacious dressing room in order to temporarily settle the entire musical group in it.

The cost at which a live musical group evaluates its performance is much more than the cost of a vocalist or a group of two three musicians performing under a minus one. This is perhaps the main problem that rests when ordering musicians.

The advantages are of course obvious – it’s a lively sound! Totally alive! When you hear the natural sound of drums, iron, cymbals, bass, guitar, saxophone, natural voices you get incomparable pleasure! You can’t get this from the backing track.

Minus one
What happens when a musical ensemble performs under a minus? In fact, it usually looks good if the ordered musicians are professionals. They will be able to draw on the absence of other members of the group. But you won’t get such pleasure as from a live ensemble!

The advantage of such a performance will of course be cost savings, performance under the minus cost is 2-3 times cheaper than live.

Another undoubted advantage will be the savings on equipment, as often it is not required to install even stage monitors! Portal speakers can be positioned a little behind the musicians and they will perfectly hear themselves. As a result, savings on equipment will be more than 50%. Compared to live sound. An incomparable plus!

The next moment is a small scene and a small dressing room. There are few musicians and naturally they need less space – an obvious advantage!

Another plus is the extensive repertoire. The fewer musicians there are, the more songs they can perform, since there are a lot of drawbacks from the Internet, and to teach a vocalist or a couple of musicians this repertoire is much easier than waiting until the whole cover band is going to rehearse.

Pros and cons on the face, there is no ideal option. Of course you choose! But if you need advice, please contact us, we will help you make a choice and offer the best options for the performance of the musical group Orange VINIL!

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