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In order to well celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday or corporate event, you need to choose a venue for the event. It can be a restaurant, club, cafe, outdoor area in nature, if the event takes place in the summer.

If you are going to sit in a close family circle, it all comes down to your preferences for price and quality of service, as well as preferences for design and interior.

Well, if you are going to organize a momentous event with an invitation from a host, DJ, various artists, show ballets, a musical collective to an office party, then you need a room with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters. meters.

The first thing you should pay attention to the free space in the hall. You will need to put the guests in, leave a place for dancing, you will need a place for the movement of waiters and guests, and also leave a place for musicians and performances of various artists.

For guests it is not difficult to calculate the place, for each person about 1.5 – 2 square meters. More difficult with musicians. For a musical group, a scene is required, or if there is no scene, the allocated area on the floor.

The calculation of the area comes from the rule: 2-3 square meters per musician (we consider the musician and his instrument) + space for the equipment:

1pcs stage monitors one sq. meter;
1kv guitar and bass combos meter for each;
microphone stands of 0.5 squares each;
portal speakers 1 square meter per speaker
place for a mixing console + sound engineer 4kv. meter
You ask: “what is such math for?” We answer: “If it is not comfortable for the musicians or artists to be on the stage, the performance will take place with great tension and dissatisfaction and this can inevitably affect the quality of the performance. And, as a result, the celebration itself.”

Leading. He needs to walk around the hall, so he needs to leave free passages between the tables for guests and in general he should move around without problems. His task is to quickly move from one point to another easily and quickly.

The artists. Whether it be: magicians, soap bubble shows, dancers, etc. they need a lot of space, because they will not stand still, but will move. Accordingly, you need to proceed from 3Q. meters for each.

The most common mistake of many is not to pay any attention to the acoustic properties of the hall. How many times did our group come to the sites, and there was such a strong reverb (in simple terms – an echo) that you could clap your hands and hear a three-second reflection of sound.

Based on the calculation of the most popular dance tempo of songs, 120 beats per minute (or 2 beats per second), imagine how many times the same sound is repeated and superimposed on the next one, taking into account 5-6 musicians who make sounds.

Such venues are very good for opera singing or an acoustic concert. And for a musical group with a drum set in its composition, or discos are not at all suitable. The sound will turn into a mess, regardless of the quality of the equipment! Neither listeners nor musicians will receive pleasure.

As soon as you are going to choose a hall for your event, do not be too lazy to go there and clap your hands a couple of times. If you don’t hear the echo from the pops, then this is just wonderful, but if you hear it is worth considering whether the room is suitable for live sound.

If you are unable to determine the sound quality, then you need to contact those who will be involved in the sound design of your event, whether it is distributors of sound equipment or our musical team.

Well, maybe you liked the hall and you are not interested in its sound properties, you can try to muffle the sound reflections with some kind of flooring (carpet, carpet, etc.). And on the walls hang fabric curtains or similar materials.

In general, reflections arise from straight walls and corners, the more smooth surfaces in a room – the more reflection. Well, the more different bends, furniture, carpets, fleecy fabrics that absorb sound vibrations, etc. – the sound reflections are less and, as a fact, the purer the sound of music.

Make-up room and utility room
A compulsory point in the hall should be the presence of a dressing room and utility room. The host, artists and musicians should change clothes somewhere, be waiting for their appearance on the stage. It also needs a utility room for covers from equipment, musical instruments and the like.

If there is not enough room in the room, then you can organize a tent in open areas, but if in winter it is only indoors and it is advisable to check for a really warm room. There were cases when in the winter our team put very cold dressing rooms, going out onto the stage to play was simply nothing possible and this greatly affected the quality of performance and mood.

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