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TOP 10 historical oddities related to music

10th and 9th place: Funny cases related to the French
It is known that Napoleon was exiled to the island of St. Helena. While in exile, he admitted once: “During the Russian campaign, my army had two main enemies: frost and Russian military music.” In fact, the French warriors fell into a panic from the fervent Russian songs, wondering why so bawl, and even in the cold.

The Great French Revolution was on. The generals, demanding reinforcements, wrote: “Send two regiments of soldiers or several thousand copies of the Marseillaise (French anthem). Do not believe it, but it helped! )))

8th place: Curiosity related to Arabs
No one in Islamic countries will whistle a tune. Not because it’s indecent to whistle. Arabs consider the whistling sounds … “the music of demons.”

7th and 6th place: Funny cases from wildlife
funny cases

Spiders, if you play alongside their shelters on the violin, crawl out of the burrows. No, not for the purpose of enjoying the music: just the cobweb from the sound waves of the violin starts to fluctuate, and the spiders rush out, thinking that they got prey in their network.

In the Middle Ages, rats harassed people. Their hordes inflicted irreparable damage. In addition, rats were carriers of various infectious diseases, from which many people died then. Rats were able to get out of the cities with the help of a pipe. In those days, there were specially trained Pied Piper pipers. There is a legend about a flutist boy who, playing the flute, saved the city from a rat invasion. It is curious when a rock concert was held recently in one of the old English castles, the flocks of rats also left the castle completely.

5th place: A curious case from the biography of Dunaevsky
funny cases
Motor ship “Composer Dunaevsky”
The wonderful composer Isaac Osipovich Dunaevsky lived during the Soviet Union. In the Soviet era, composers were treated with respect. For several years, a motor ship with an inscription on its bow ran along the Volga: “K. Dunaevsky. ” The crew of the ship was once asked: “Well, why is it written in the name of the ship“ K. Dunaevsky “, because the composer’s name is Isaak Osipovich!” The team, realizing that the name had an error, very worthily came out of this situation: “Everything is in order with the name. The steamer is called “Composer Dunaevsky,” but so many letters did not fit on the bow.

4th place: A musical fact listed in the Guinness Book of Records
In 1792, the premiere of the opera “Secret Marriage” (composer Cimarosa) took place. The audience applauded so loudly that the artists had to perform an encore … the whole opera first. Even Luciano Pavarotti has never been able to repeat the whole encore.

3rd and 2nd place: Funny stories from the lives of famous singers
Once, the world-famous Italian singer Caruso came to the bank branch to withdraw money from his account, but found that he had forgotten his documents. The cashier did not want to give the singer cash without identity documents. And Caruso had no choice but to … sing the cashier so that the bank employee could make sure that he was actually the famous tenor Caruso. After listening to the aria from the opera Tosca, the cashier had mercy and said that this confirms the identity of the client, and issued the requested amount of money, and Caruso later admitted that he had never tried so hard in his life.

And the second interesting musical fact is connected with the great Russian singer. Chaliapin and Gorky almost at the same time auditioned for the choir. Gorky was accepted, but Chaliapin … no.

1st place: Well, the most extraordinary curiosity left its mark in the Russian Empire
Nicholas I did not favor the music of the composer Glinka. This music was so hated by him that, according to a written order of his highest majesty, officers were instructed who guilty, instead of a guardhouse, escorted to the opera Ruslan and Lyudmila.

Funny cases are present in every area of ​​our lives. Music is no exception. That’s what I thought: earlier, the work of chroniclers and biographers was paid more attention. Thanks to these people, many of whom have forever remained in the shadow of those famous personalities whom they so devotedly and relentlessly followed, history has preserved these documentary facts for us. So do not be lazy to write various interesting stories about those great personalities with whom fate has given you meetings. )))

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