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Music therapy

A new morning penetrates through our windows with the music of an awakened world. With you, Irina Ivaskiv. So you listen to the music of dawn, and your soul somehow becomes brighter. Music therapy as a discipline is a new, unusual phenomenon, not fully understood. They started talking about her about 40 years ago. But today, music therapy is already a traditional part of treatment, recognized in many countries. This article is not a detailed study of a new phenomenon, but only a few little-known facts about the power of music.

Fact No. 1 The myth of Orpheus
The power of music restores clarity of mind to people. Remember the myth of the Greek god Orpheus, who, by playing the lyre, managed to curb the inhabitants of the underworld.

Fact No. 2 Tales of Narnia
K.S. Lewis, who created fairy tales about the country of Narnia, described the magical power of music during the creation of the world:

“The lion ran across the desert land and sang a new song. She was softer and more restrained than the song with which he called the star and the sun; the music was soft and iridescent. And while he walked and sang, the valley was covered with green grass. The grass grew from him in all directions, like a pond. She poured small hills in waves. ”

Fact No. 3 Music in Bali
Often music, like religion, is reckoned among the decorative spheres of life that adorn our life somewhat, but … as if they were not obligatory. But in some “non-Western” states, the music has a different attitude: the supernatural is considered the basis of life there and they are sure that the supernatural is manifested through music, dance, painting and sculpture.

For example, in Bali, the word “art” does not exist. This does not mean that there is no music, theater or painting (on the contrary, the cultural traditions of the eastern countries are among the richest in the world). This means that creativity is not separated from life itself. Eastern peoples are well aware of the unique power of music to influence our feelings – and they use this knowledge to the maximum extent possible.

Fact No. 4 Music in Neurology
The famous neuropathologist Oliver Sachs described the influence of music on the return of coordination to people who either lost it or never had it:

The power of music is of great practical interest … I watched people with slow development, not able to perform simple tasks (for example, repeat 4 movements in the correct sequence), easily cope with them to the music … I watched patients with severe damage to the frontal frontal region and apraxia. These people could not reproduce simple sequential actions (even just walking), although they had an excellent intellectual level in other areas of activity. This deviation, called motor idiocy, is not amenable to any generally accepted restorative learning system. But if the patient performs actions to the music, the symptoms of apraxia disappear without a trace.

Today, music therapy is used in surgery, intensive care of newborns, pediatrics, stress treatment and other areas of medicine that are completely different from each other. Modern music therapists are not only professional doctors, but also first-class musicians who know how to use music for medicinal purposes. How can one not recall the biblical example of David playing the harp to King Saul, who suffered from seizures?

In a word, friends, music therapy makes its invaluable restorative effect, and with this in mind, often listen to music after a busy day. To do this, there are several good online services (type in the search engine “online music therapy” and select the service that suits you best). And for those who have connected their lives with music, I suggest downloading (for free) some wonderful books in your piggy bank. ))) Blessings!

We turn on our favorite music – let music therapy and good articles treat our wounded hearts:

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