Armenian duduk - an instrument that prays
The appearance of an unusual tool Duduk is a very ancient representative of the genus of wind instruments. One part of the researchers believes that the first mention of the…

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The most vivid novels of the French heartthrob Yves Montand: Edith Piaf, Marilyn Monroe and others
He was not written handsome, but he was damn talented. He was admired by the multimillion audience, he was idolized and the most beautiful women of the world went crazy…

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How to learn to improvise on the piano: improvisation techniques
Good mood to you, dear reader. In this short post we will talk about how to learn to improvise: we will discuss some general points and see the basic techniques…

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The influence of modern music on teenagers

Always a modern morning. With you, Irina Ivaskiv. Contemporary music is a bottomless theme. You can think about it endlessly. The influence of modern music on a person is not yet fully explored, but what is already known provides great food for thought. This is not just an article. These are facts about contemporary music collected over many years, and made into a script that can become text for a documentary, TV program, talk show, part of a program for a teenage / youth camp, or independent theater production. The attitude to modern music is ambiguous: there will always be those who are categorically against it, and there will always be those who are actively for it. I do not consider myself to be either the first or the second. I think the truth is somewhere in between. Therefore, many years ago, she wrote this script for our second music camp, in order to encourage teenagers not only to blindly follow their idols and to fan from songs whose meaning they do not understand, but to reflect.

Our theatrical production was then divided into 2 acts, each of which lasted about an hour. If you want to involve people in the hall during the performance, then the script has ideas for interacting with people (they are marked with arrow icons) – you can use them partially or not at all.

Your Honor, this is not the first conviction of Modern Music. For the first time, she was tried for using the Gregorian choral in church services!

Your Honor, my defendant really had such a criminal record. You know that Modern Music has at all times been subjected to shelling by its opponents. And, the newer, more modern was the music, the more opponents turned out to be.

However, whether someone likes it or not, Modern Music has always sought to “keep up with the times”, taking up all the musical innovations of its eras. Modern Music has always sought to collaborate with the church.

The Gregorian chorale, for example, was once ordinary worldly music, very new and advanced at that time. After mastering the secular musical world, Modern Music suggested using Gregorian choral in church services. Around the chorale, passions of indignant critics began to boil, the anger of his opponents simply knew no bounds! But later chorales became part of church services! It was simply impossible to imagine the services without the chorales! Listen to part of the Gregorian choral song:

Soon, the choral choirs were replaced by polyphonic worldly songs, which were a very new phenomenon at that time, ultra modern, fashionable, and unusual for hearing. Modern Music picked up the polyphonic innovation and introduced it to church services, but the polyphonic chants at church services were received with … the same “cordiality”. A grand flurry of censure has fallen upon Modern Music again! But, Your Honor, I do not see any corpus delicti in this. My client only developed along with time, providing the church with the achievements of this world for the benefit of serving the Lord, so that the church would have the opportunity to instruct this world in a language that he understands.

That is why Martin Luther so often used songs written in a secular style to glorify God. It is known, for example, that the melody for the song “Oh, grace, saved by you” was the super popular at that time kabatka, or, in other words, restaurant song.

But this is the main accusation against Modern Music – Modern Music simply imposes itself on the church. She just drags worldly music to the church.

I protest, Your Honor. Modern Music fruitfully collaborates with the church. The church, as described above, adopts various innovations offered by Modern Music (I repeat that the church does this solely for the purpose of serving the Lord), but very often the church itself is a source of various musical innovations and gladly shares them with Modern Music!

The simplest excursion into history, for example, blues, jazz and rock and roll shows that it was the church that stood at the origins of this music.

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